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Shadow&Rouge Fanfic:
AN:I don't have a title for this yet.

Rouge's POV:
"Man what am I thinking Shadow don't like me more then a friend,into he's a loner I don't think he's into dating or having a girlfriend"."But my friend Amy keeps telling me he does he told her and the others...she's says stay positive she shouldn't be talking though I mean she keeps doubting Sonic's does really like her".

"One reason why I'm having these doubts is because I asked Shadow out one after he a mission but he turned me down"(He didn't say no tho...but he didn't say yes neither)."But after I asked him everything changed between us like we got farther apart...I hope it won't be like that in for too long".

Shadow's POV:
"..Did she really ask me if we can be more then friends,But why couldn't I say yes...I had to say Maybe"."I hope I didn't break her heart"."I mean I care about her alot I don't wanna lose our friendship we have,I'll do anything to not to end up like my beloved friend Maria who was like a sister to me and Molly(from Sonic X),I couldn't save them but Its not gonna be like that with Rouge...Lets hope so"I sighed deeply.

"Rouge has been there for me more then Sonic and his friends sure they are good friends and stuff but Rouge is different she will stand by my side NO MATTER WHAT I don't really see Sonic and friends standing by me like that".

"Hi Shad"waved Rouge.Shadow turned around and waved back.

"So how you doing?"asked Rouge.

"Doing fine, you"replied Shadow."Nothing much really"smiled Rouge.

(Man she has a beautiful smile)thought Shadow.

"Shadow you there?"asked Rouge trying to get Shadow out of his day dream.

"Huh???"Shadow replied.

"Haha,You left me there for a sec,I asked you a question Shad"replied Rouge.

"Sorry bout that"grinned Shadow,"What was your question?"asked Shadow.

"I asked if you wanna go to Sonic's place him and his friends are throwing a party"said Rouge.

"When?"asked Shadow."Anytime,the party starts around 4:30 or later don't know for sure tho hon"replied Rouge.

"..Well their's nothing else better to do so I guess"sighed Shadow.

Rouge smiled."You going?"asked Shadow.

"Yep"Rouge nodded.

Short I know
Here's my first ShadowXRouge fanfic hope ya like ShadowXRouge fans out there:)
Rubyheartt Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2012  Student Artist
So cute Is it finish or are u going to finish it
xl-Jade-lx Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it a cool story, shadow is such a shy hedgehog around rouge
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July 17, 2008
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